The Pottstown “Virtual” CROP Walk is scheduled for Sunday, October 11. This year we will not be walking as a group, but churches or families can walk together or on their own and choose their own route/mileage (our walks in the past have been one mile or 5 miles). Plus, walkers don’t have to walk that day – they could do it really any time before or after. As always, the hope is that walkers would reach out to family and friends to support them. Online giving is very easy and the CROP site will make it easy for walkers to recognize those who give to them. And 25% of donations goes directly to the Cluster to serve people in our community! Those interested in participating should register on the Pottstown Crop Walk page: Finally, if you choose to participate, please take pictures and send them to the church office – they will be posted on our social media as well as passed on for the Cluster website.

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