Greetings from Grace

Thursday, September 24, 2020

It’s officially Fall. Have you had a pumpkin spice latte yet? I have not, but maybe I’ll treat myself to one later today. Fall is my favorite season—I love the crisp air and the turning of the leaves. It also has usually been one of the busiest times of the year and this Fall, despite the pandemic, is shaping up to be a busy one. Both congregations are now worshiping in-person, fall “programming” is starting back up—all socially distanced, of course—Handbells at Emmanuel, Book Club at Grace, etc…

Last night at Grace’s Worship & Music committee we talked about Thanksgiving (gasp! it’s not even October yet!) and what the two churches could do together. There is more potential with y’all working together than separately, and because of the pandemic it’s been a while since the two churches formally “got together.” The idea that sounded the most fun was to do something in the parking lot, with food, and a Thanksgiving “service” of some sort. They remembered fondly the “Friendsgiving” we did last year with fried and baked turkey (yum!). I think it’s a great idea; you could feel the energy around it. This is good, however, I’ve noticed when there’s change the usual human way of thinking is to imagine the barriers and obstacles that need to be overcome. This is our typical negative reaction to change. I think I heard somewhere that the Chinese character for “crisis” is a combination of the words “dangerous opportunity”. We humans tend to focus on the “danger” part, which often makes it difficult to see the opportunity in change. We like our comfort zones and oftentimes they are hard-fought and hard-won. But if ever there’s been a challenge to our comfort zones it’s been the last couple years with pastoral transitions and the coronavirus.

There are still a lot of “holy openings,” Spirit possibilities, God created opportunities. I firmly believe there is more potential through working together, working on teams, brainstorming what can be done and not brainstorming the obstacles that are deemed too difficult before we’ve started. I remind myself—and I want to remind y’all—that our mission is to proclaim Jesus Christ crucified and risen. His authority, claim on our lives, power, good news, is part and parcel with his humility, self-giving, and grace. Our salvation, our future, is secure in what he did—not what we do or don’t do. Thank God for that. Therefore, let us see what God is already doing in our midst, and dream and imagine how we can be a part of that!

Pr. Christian

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