Outreach takes many forms at Grace Lutheran Church.  Here is a listing of opportunities to participate in an outreach ministry. You may contact the Church Office for contact names and numbers if you have an interest in learning more about any of the groups or activities listed below.


Operation Backpack

This program provides food for the weekends to students in need who attend school in our local disOperation Backpacktricts.  The purpose is to give students a sense of hope and to communicate their value by addressing the tangible need of hunger.   Donated food can be dropped off at the Church.  Please see the list for approved items and thank you!  http://www.operationbp.org/



Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities

The Cluster needs help on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am until 2:00pm.  Donations arrive from Philabundence and help is needed to sort  them. Npottstown clusteron-perishable food items, household cleaning products, health and beauty aids, laundry and dish detergent and diapers are needed.  These items can be donated and dropped off at Grace Lutheran Church each week.  The collection cart is located wherever .  There is a special need right now the non-food items. http://www.pottstowncluster.org/


Prayer Shawl Ministry

Grace Church has a very active ministry of knitting prayer shawls.  These shawls are a comfort for the sick and a tangible way to show God’s love and concern for those who are ill.  Some knitters meet at the church on Tuesday nights to knit together. Others work from home and bring in shawls as they are completed.


Trinity Meals

Through the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities, the Community Meals program has been feeding residents of Pottstown for over 40 years.  Five local churches  open their doors on separate weekdays to serve meals assisted by many congregations and organizations in the Pottstown area, including Grace Lutheran Church.  There is no restriction on who may attend the meal.  If you are lacking cooking facilities, incapable of cooking for yourself, hungry for a hot meal or hungry for companionship, you are welcome to attend. Please see http://www.pottstowncluster.org/programs/community-meals for more information about additional meals.